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Custom Cushions

Johnson’s Fabrics creates custom cushions, specifically crafted to meet each customer’s desires.
Our team understands that every project, every room, and every home has a different theme. With that
comes the hope for cushions that match the theme’s flow.

With our team at Johnson’s Fabrics, you can have the customized cushion you have been searching for. After hearing your vision,
we help you create custom indoor or outdoor cushions from fabric of your choice.

We have different styles and sizes available, as shown below. After choosing one of the options, we begin the customization.
Select specialty trims, multiple fabrics, decorative buttons, and more to make your cushion stand out.

Conveniently located near Bartlett, we serve Memphis and the Greater Mid-South. Stop by our store or call (901) 388-0590 to start
your next custom cushion project.


               Style        Price            Dimensions  
      Square Cushion        $35.00          27" maximum width
      27" maximum length  
      Square Cushion       $70.00       54" maximum width
      54" maximum length
      Rectangle Cushion       $35.00       27" maximum width
      27" maximum length
      Rectangle Cushion       $70.00       27" maximum width
      54" maximum length
      Round Cushion       $50.00       27" maximum diameter
      Round Cushion       $100.00        54" maximum diameter

Additional Features and Surcharges
Customer's Own Fabric*  $10.00
Chair Ties  $10.00

Covered welt cord and a zipper are included on each cushion unless otherwise specified. Price does not include fabric, foam rubber,
burkron, or decorative trim.

Please allow at least 21 business days to complete. 

*indicates fabric not purchased at Johnson's Fabrics